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9 things tenants want while renting

As owner, it is vital to understand the importance of fulfilling tenant’s wishes when he is looking for a property to rent. Why? Because, by meeting the tenant’s needs, you can expect to have a profitable investment as property. Also, you increase the chance that the apartment will be occupied for a long period by a contempt tenant.

Although the price represents, for most tenants, an important factor in choosing the apartment, they are also looking for some features that suits to their own life style. These make the difference between “renting” and “looking in other direction”.

  1. Location. Location, location, and again, location, will always be the most important aspect for a property. For example, if the potential tenant is a foreign student at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr. T. Popa, Iasi, for him it is very important that the new apartment is near the University. So, the best option is downtown. Also, near the apartment must be markets and tram or bus stops.
  2. Utilities. Light, gas, water, heating don’t represent commodities anymore, but real necessities. Tenants are first interested in apartment’s utilities. Likewise, they are also concerned in aspects like washing machine, bathtub or a confortable bed. Moreover, from the two options for heating an apartment in Iasi, the boiler is preferred by tenants. They prefer to have their own control when comes to heating, but also they want to save money.
  3. Renovations. Tenants are attracted by what it’s new, because it provides a higher level of confidence when it comes to apartment’s functionality. Each tenant understands that the basic idea in renting is that someone has lived on the property before. But they don’t want to notice it from their first visit; they want to feel special, as the master of the land. That’s exactly why renovations are efficient when a property is given for rent.  Functional baths and kitchens come into the first place in tenants’ need and preferences.
  4. Maintenance. Even if tenants find out about the means the repairs are made only after they move in, that doesn’t mean that maintenance need to be a neglected aspect. Imagine the situation when there’s something broken in the apartment and you can’t repair it. Frustrating, right? In the same way the tenant will think. And he will certainly look to another offer if his necessities are ignored. So, be prepared to any unpredictable issue that may appear in the apartment to inspire confidence and safety.
  5. Parking lot. For tenants that possess their own car, the parking lot is very important. Being able to offer him such a feature in a parking space or a garage can be a real advantage, especially when the property is downtown. If such a space is not provided, you should make inquiries in purchasing one at the City Hall or negotiate with one of the neighbors to give you one.
  6. Cleaning. The first impression always count, especially when it comes to renting an apartment. Disinfected bathroom and kitchen, a clean floor or lack of dust can make the difference between your property and the competitors. Withal, some tenants are interested in cleaning firms available to them during the year. So, they need guidance to this kind of firms. If you rented through Rent Easy, both initial and during the year cleaning can be secured easily. Otherwise, the tenant will have to fend for himself.
  7. Storage space. Every person has belongings that need to be stored in cabinets and drawers, even if there are clothes, a vacuum cleaner or Christmas decorations. If your property doesn’t have enough storage space, then you can purchase and install a new wardrobe, when apartment allows it. Otherwise, has the apartment a basement or garage where the tenant can store his things?
  8. Large windows, natural light. No one wants to live in a cave. Why do you think that on the initial visit the consultants that accompanies the tenant open all windows and draw the curtains aside? To get as much natural light as possible. This turns the property into a warmer and welcoming one, appealing to tenants. So, review your apartment plan for natural lighting.
  9. Balcony. Tenants often want open space where they can either study or just escape. Also, the balcony can be an efficient storage space. However, most tenants want the openness that balcony offers them.

So, when you decide to give your property for rent, remember to put yourself in tenant’s place and think about what he really wants from it. Certain items, such as a washing machine or parking lot are important competitive advantages which the property management company can promote. You need to maintain yourself competitive, especially in downtown. If a tenant discovers a certain aspect that doesn’t agree with, he can easily move to another available property.

Since you can’t control tenant’s unique preferences, you can transform your property in a more appealing one, making improvements and keep it clean, safe and habitable.