Cele mai populare zone ale Iaşiului pentru chiriaşi

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The most popular areas in Iasi for renters

Some tenants prefer to live in new buildings and neighborhoods more than in  spaces full of historical items, while others want to save some money living in old areas. Iasi provides apartments for each type of tenant.

Therefore, we made a top of the most popular areas in Iasi for renters, considering when were designed most of the buildings, if they are reconditioned or not, the quality-price ratio, the lifestyle prevailing there and the movement possibility.

1. Center – Independence Avenue

The top choice of the tenants is represented by the area located in proximity to Independence Avenue. If you are a student of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr. T. Popa, this neighborhood is ideal for you because it is close to it. Also, by public transport you can easily reach the major hospitals in which you will operate (Sf. Spiridon Hospital St. Parhon, Neurosurgical Hospital, Rehabilitation Hospital, etc).

In addition, if you are a foreign student of this University, you should know that the area is preferred by most of foreign students that are eager to rent in Iasi.

Also, the other universities of Iasi, Al. I. Cuza University and Technical University Gh. Asachi, are a few direct bus stops away.
Whether you are a student or an employee, the area is perfect for you because of the safety that it offers, the opportunities to travel around the city, and also the dynamic lifestyle (cafes, restaurants and parks are a few minutes away).

The apartments in this area are either new or reconditioned, and their price is higher than in peripheral areas. However, the quality-price ratio is set right.  

2. Copou

For those who prefer a quieter neighborhood, Copou is the right area for you. It is an important historical part of the city, here are positioned old houses and green spaces (Copou Park and Exhibition Garden, located near the Botanical Gardens), representing one of the most sought residential area of Iasi.

Due to several universities which are located here (Al. I. Cuza University University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine) and the campus, this area is known as frequented by a large number of students. Also the young people who attend the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr. T. Popa courses prefer this area because it is close to the institution.

Regarding the rented apartments in this area, most of them are located in new or reconditioned buildings and the rent can vary from 350 to 500 euro / month - an honest price-quality ratio.

3. Tătăraşi

This area is preferred by tenants, especially students, because of the apartment’s price accessibility. Being a little further from the city center, the district offers to its residents fresh air, tranquility and space.

Although the blocks aren’t recently built, most apartments are renovated, so they have a decent look, ranking 2 in comfort.

The neighborhood is located at some distance from the city center and its universities. If you do not have a car, it will take some time to get there. If you study at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr. T. Popa or Al. I. Cuza University., to get to classes, you'll have to use the means of transport.

Hence, if space and affordability of the apartment in which you live is more important for you, rather than the minutes spent in traffic, then Tătăraşi area is suitable for you to live in.

4. Podu Ros

The neighborhood is located near the Palas Mall complex and is considered one of the central areas of Iasi. If you moved in this city thanks to the new job, living in this area can be a smart move. Instead, if you are a student, the time you spend on the road to the University will be quite long. Although Podu Ros is connected to other areas through the public transport routes, traffic congestion and traffic jams are common issues in that area.

If you're looking to rent a new apartment, the neighborhood is not popular for it. The blocks were not built recently; therefore, the apartments may look outdated if they are not reconditioned. However, if you want to rent a modest apartment at a lower price compared to other popular areas in Iasi, Podu Ros can be your living choice.

5. Păcurari

Sometimes, renting is more about what you can afford financially. Păcurari is considered by most of the tenants accessible in terms of money. Most rented apartments located in this area are new and functional.

The disadvantage of this neighborhood is the distance needed to be traveled to reach downtown. So if you are an employee or a student in Iasi, you'll spend a lot of time in traffic. If you do not have a car, visits to other areas of the city will be determined by means of public transport that you need to change.

Therefore, if you want to live in a quiet, recently built apartment at an affordable price and you don’t mind taking the pulse of traffic every morning, then this neighborhood folds your housing needs.