Apartamente 3 camere de inchiriat

General Info

Three-room apartments - a more accessible choice for tenants

By comparison, three-room apartments are less popular than studios or one room apartments when it comes to renting a home. However, it is a viable and accessible living solution for that kind of people who are willing to live with others, students belonging in this category, too.

This type of apartment can have separate rooms, partly detached rooms or fully connected rooms, but most often they are composed of a kitchen, 1/2 bathrooms, a dining room, and two bedrooms, with a total area that measured max. 70mp and has many benefits that deserve to take into consideration when renting while your study time in Iaşi.

1. Space

One of the main benefits of living in a three-room apartment consists in the spaciousness that it offers. The owners of this kind of apartments have exploid this advantage and when it comes to those that have a large kitchen and a small living room, this outbuildings were joined to form an airy living space, a look preferred by most young people.

2. Floor plan

On the other hand, you can also find three-room apartments restructured in a manner that clearly defines the space for each tenant. Thus, none of the apartment's residents won't feel unconmfortable because, unlike one-room apartments or studios, each one will get the privacy in his own room and he will be able to customize it as he wish.

3. Price

Once you rent a three-room apartment, the costs will be divided to the number of residents. Therefore, the rent costs may lower, in this case, significantly below 100 euro/pers per month. Depending on where the apartment is located and the comfort lever, the price can vary between 300 and 680 euro. For example, a three-room apartment located in the Centre - Str. Arcu has a rental price 450euro / month. The unit has 2 bedrooms, a spacious living room, fully equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms, balcony in each room and central heating.

It should also be noted that the maintenance costs of the apartment, from bills to maintenance supplies, will be divided equally among tenants. And, any investment, big or small, that increases tenants' comfort can be made easily, since it's divided to the number of people living in that space and it can be settled by the owner at the end of your renting period.

4. Socialization

In a three-room apartment, the living space is not only welcoming, but is also a suitable means of socialization. If you have a dynamic social life, and the roommates are part of your group of friends, it will be much easier to spend quality time with them in your own nest. And, study sessions with faculty colleagues are more easily to be organized in the apartment without disturbing the other people who live with you.

Moreover, if you agree to live in an apartment with new people, you'll have the opportunity to meet young people whose personality and experiences could enrich yourself mentally and intellectually. And who knows, you may be surprised how quickly you can make friends for long.

5. Storage

Although some people prefer not to share their goods, there are advantages. There is strength in numbers. Resources, too. So when you have an urgent need for a particular product, the help from offered by your housemate will be welcomed and you will discover that this will strengthen your relationship.