Ghidul practic al primei mutări

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First move practical guide

Regardless of your age, there comes a time in your life when you take the decision to move. Most likely you will feel both joy and nervousness. However, there are many details that you need to take into account, especially if you move into a rented place. So, here's a list of tips that will help you build your first "nest":

1. Think carefully about the idea of moving. 

You want to start a new life, either as a student or as an adult on your own. The first step that you need to accomplish is the acknowledgement that you'll move and the designing of an action plan so as not to return back home just as quickly.

Most often, the first move is in a rented house because you don't make the decision to purchase a property without testing first what you truly want in a home. Therefore, it is important to take into account all the variables involved in the renting and moving process (the search for an apartment, negotiation of the rental agreement, transport, storage, cleaning, repairs, etc.), to decide if it is worth the effort and to overcome any fears that you may have in starting this new chapter in your life.


2. Find the suitable housing conditions.

Firstly, ask yourself a few questions: "Will you live alone or will you share an apartment with a friend, colleague, loved one?", "What apartment can you afford?", "Will you rent it?", "Where do you want it to be located?".

Even a temporary property must be chosen with care if you wish to rent, so the next step is to identify the best housing deals.

You can begin your search online, but most of the time, it is not enough. It would be recommended to contact companies specializing in rentals, since they have a complete database with properties in the city.

RentEasy is the only service in Iasi that chooses housing offers based on your needs and helps you both during and after the move process.

3. Take care of your finances.

Leaving the parental home represents a costly action. To avoid situations that might cause financial difficulties, you need a financial plan. Nothing complicated. Just the calculation of your monthly income and the establishment of the monthly amount for food, bills, transportation and social activities.

Also, you should have in view to always pay your rent and bills in time, in order to avoid possible problems that might arise in terms of functionality of the apartment. If you are renting an apartment in Iasi, with the help of Rent Easy, paying bills is much easier, because you can perform them through PayPoint, at our Office.

In terms of the first expenses incurred at relocation, you must take into account the payment of the apartment security (which is usually one month rent in advance) and at the very least the purchase of a subscription on your name for telephone services, cable TV and internet.

4. The actual move and giving a personal touch to your home.

Here you are in the situation to carry and store your personal belongings in the rented apartment. If you think it is easy to move "some things" from one place to another, you are probably not aware of the amount of items and goods a person can collect. Also, there is the issue of organization, packing and labelling, and the transport of big or heavy objects need no more words. A smart move that you can make is to contact specialized companies in this activity to gain precious time and invest less effort.

In addition, rented apartments generally have a significant potential for customization. Even if major changes are not practical for the tenant nor the landlord, there are, however, several less invasive and relatively inexpensive methods by which you can personalize your new home:  from wall stickers to pillows and various accessories. More ideas on how to do this, in our next article - "How to bring a personal touch to rented apartments"  .


5. Maintain your nest.

The move gives you independence, freedom and new possibilities, but these issues are accompanied by certain responsibilities. Without coming the old soldier on you, we must tell you it is vital to consistently deal with cleaning, tending to your own goods, repairs, etc. You do not want to become a cliché of disorder and non-functionality.

Do you have too active of a life to take care of cleaning? You don't know experts in repairs in Iasi? Then RentEasy can help by offering full maintenance and cleaning services, either included in a maintenance package or upon request. So you should not worry about the condition of the apartment after a memorable party with your new friends.


6. Communicate effectively.

When you live in a rented apartmentfor the first time, you might have some surprises caused by the division of property with another person. From your roommate, to the landlord, you need to communicate your needs effectively, and understand the needs of people around you.

Regarding the relationship with the landlord, it can easily be brokered if you call a property management company, if you want to avoid interacting with him/her.


7. Ask for help.

When you move, you may have moments when you feel discouraged because there are many issues that you need to take care of: invoices, cleaning, maintenance in case of damages or necessary documents if you are a foreign student. But the first thing you need to do when you are in trouble is to stay calm and ask for help. Just because you moved on your own in a new home does not mean you have to be alone when needed.

It's easier if you ask for help. And, in most cases, the RentEasy team can help you have an easier tenant life.