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How to bring a personal touch to a rented apartment

How to bring a personal touch to a rented apartment


One of the most inconvenient things in renting an apartment is, perhaps, the impossibility to make changes to its design, without the prior approval of the owner. Why? Because owners do not agree with permanent changes that could change the quality of their investment, such as holes in walls or the permanent painting of the walls. The good news is that certain reversible changes can be made, on your own budget, which you can take with you at the end of the lease period.


Bringing a personal touch to a rented apartment does not mean, after all, writing your name on its walls or nailing in your favorite photos. There are more creative methods you can resort to, for a better effect:


1. Curtains and window shades

These are more or less a standard in case of rented apartments. The fastest and most effective way to change the look of your rented apartment is in changing the curtains. Just remember to store the old curtains to be able to put them back in place at the end of the contractual period.


2. Suspended shelves

They are the dream of all tenants due to the additional storage space they provide for personal property. The new mounting mechanisms for such shelves, which are adhesive-based, allow anchoring them to the wall without degrading it. And at the end of the rental period, you can take the shelves with you, in your new permanent home.


3. Illumination accessories

Illumination is crucial if you want to turn the apartment into your own functional and welcoming space. Moreover, the manner in which the room is illuminated says a lot about your personality: a softer light could reflect the fact that you are an introvert, or that you just want to relax; while the stronger light says that you are an active person, no matter the hour of day. You might also like simple things and minimalist design, or you might be a romantic, preferring the vintage style instead. Therefore, change the lamps or chandeliers and design your own game of lights.


4. Stickers, self-adhesives and other ornaments for the walls

If the color on the walls is not to your taste, or if you want to apply certain items to represent your personality and to jazz up the apartment, (i.e. abstract drawings, landscapes, etc.), the stickers are the least invasive solution to do this. You can find a variety of patterns and colors in the form of different types of stickers, at relatively low prices, that best highlight your own personality.


When it comes to ornaments for the walls, you can purchase items such as clocks, mirrors or digital paintings, at advantageous prices, that do not require adhesives. They can be hung from the walls of the apartment, ensuring an elegant and modern visual effect.


5. Pillows, cushions and blankets

Pillows and cushions which come in the right color provide an entirely different look for the sofas already existing in the apartment. These accessories, which you can take with you at the end of the lease, do not involve significant costs. Moreover, the appearance of a bed can be easily improved by using appropriate blankets. The market for these types of ornaments is quite diverse, therefore, you have a wide variety of materials, colors and fabrics to choose from, in other to match your personality.


6. Small accessories

Details can change the general appearance of a rented apartment. You can choose to decorate your apartment with accessories that represent you, which you either own from your previous home, or which you found in your favorite store. Needless to say, you can take them with you when you move into a new home. Do not hesitate to change the atmosphere with a colored candle or give your coffee table in the living room a romantic twist with a potpourri.


These are just a few ideas you can use to get reorganized and to design your new rented home to your taste, without causing displeasure to the owner.