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Useful tips for first-year students! How to rent easy your apartment with no trouble

It’s time for you to start the first year of university, but this means more than attending classes. Being a student it’s hard work and it involves more than you might think. It’s a new life for each student, but with a little help the process can be smooth. We, the RentEasy team, know that each moment of your life is important and this is why we offer you these useful tips that can make everything easyer.

Before you see the apartment

Renting an apartment can be a hazardous deal. You can find an offer that looks too good to be true, like a luxury apartment in a good area, for a good price, that proves to be not so good that could be even a hoax. That’s why we have one and really important tip for you.

  • Make sure the pictures of the apartment that you see online are ALWAYS REAL and that the advert includes multiple informations about the flat you’re interested in. If there is something wrong with the pictures and they are different from what you see when you visit the flat, then that means the appartment may have hidden issues.

The contract

This is a really important step in the renting process, one that cannot be ignored. We give you these 5 tips that you should take account of.

  • The contract must be written both in english and romanian. This helps you and the owner of the apartment to better understand the terms and conditions of your deal.

  • You must sign the contract on neutral grounds, such as a real estate agency, for a better negotiation.

  • Before you sign the contract you must make sure that all terms of renting, including the ones regarding the advance payment, guaranty and summer payment conditions are simply and openly stipulated.

  • When you sign the contract you must have a witness to the process and the best option is a real estate agent.

  • Make sure that the contract stipulates the fact that the owner has the obligation to inform you in time before any visit and that he or she can visit the flat unanounnced only in case of an emergency.


These details must be clear for all the parties involved. If these informations are clear, then you won’t have any future problems. Here are 4 important tips.

  • An agent cannot ask for any fee when you visit an apartment.

  • After you sign a contract, you are entitled to receive the owner’s phone number. Also, it’s the owner who receives the monthly payment and not the agent. The agent stands as an intermediate only if he owns a warrant of attorney from the owner. This doesn’t imply that you as a tenant won’t check the final price with the owner.

  • When you pay the commission you must get a receipt.

  • You must pay all your bills in time and only after you receive invoices from the cable, electricity, gas and water providers. Do NEVER accept any hand written receipt.

Damages and malfunctions

This is also an important thing for you to consider when you are renting an apartment and this is why we give you these 2 useful tips.

  • In case of any malfunction do not improvise. Never try to fix something, even if you’re good at it. You must always call for a specialist or authorised workers.

  • In case of damages or repairs that need to be paid to the owner or a third party you must allways make a preliminary report and pay AFTER it’s determined that the tenant is directly responsible for the damages.

We hope that these tips are useful and we are waiting for you in our agency for a friendly chat.


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