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Cleaning after the builder is now easier

Landscaping the apartment you gave for rent is over? Don't leave the cleaning after construction process on account of family or friends. Calling a professional cleaning team for ensures you that this operation will be take care of more quickly and efficient so that the tenant will enjoy his new home as soon as possible.

Certainly, after the departure of workers, the apartment will be ruined - dust, debris, remnants of building materials. The cleaning team will help you restore the neat appereance of the house. How will they transform the general chaos in the house in a tidy and neat space?

1. Residue disposal

The first step that the cleaning crew will perform is to remove stains of paint quickly, because the more time passes, the more difficult is to remove. For stains of paint and adhesive residues (which are based on both natural resins and synthetic) it will use a dressing that is applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces. The floors and walls of the rented apartments where ceramic tiles were installed are cleaned with a spatula or utensil blade without damaging any area.

2. Cleaning surfaces and installations

The main problem during the renovation process and after it is the dust that can penetrate the most hidden corners. In the absence special substances and equipment, it will be filed shortly on all washed surfaces, making the cleaning operation an effort in vain and ineffective. Moreover, regarding the radiators, sockets and switches, dust and debris can quickly obstreuct access paths. The cleaning team that is at your disposal through Rent Easy has the necessary experience for a systematic approach of the cleaning process, streamlining it.

3. Washing carpets, rugs and upholstery

These materials are the most difficult to clean in depth, representing an favorable environment for germs and microbes development. Precisely for this reason, you can call a professional cleaning team that will remove any residue with their own professional products and equipment without damaging the texture or the color of these surfaces.

4. Treating various textures

Regarding glass, stainless steel, wood or ceramics, steam appliances will be used to remove the smallest particles of cement, putty or paint without damaging surfaces. Also, when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, rooms that need more attention, after the cleaning stage, a disinfection will be done  with organic products to avoid creating discomfort among tenants that are allergic to sodium hypochlorite.

5. Furniture cleaning

The apartment's furniture is the one piece that will suffered the most from the redecoration process, no matter how well you try to protect it since the fine dust resulted will impregnate on its surface. So, after the general cleaning the apartment, the furniture will be thoroughly cleaned both inside and outside.

Surely, the time is very important for each of us. Therefore it is indicated resorting to professional cleaning services, reducing the spented time from one week to one day. And after the cleaning team will conclude its work, the tenant will be able to bring its boxes full of personal belongings to unpack them and to turn back the rented apartment in a home.