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How to transform a dirty sofa in a flawless one

Your parents want to make you a visit? You want to have a party in the rented apartment? Or, maybe you want to impress someone dear to you. But you don't like how the living room's couch looks like, and you don't have the necessary time, availability and knowledge to clean it all by yourself. Do not cancel the party, nor seek another venue, but call professional cleaning services.

The sofa is a significant investment, so it is vital that its maintenance will be done properly so you can enjoy the its beauty and usefulness for a long time. Even if it's a leather couch or an textile one, you should leave the cleaning process to the professionals. The cleaning crew can make this piece of furniture new in no time and you will be spared of any effort. Here are some issues in which the cleaning team will help you with:

1. The cleaning method

Dirt that constantly comes out of the material, abundant foam and water that is not evaporate - all these inconvenients will disappear if you call a cleaning firm. How? Unlike the classical method that you can use (water, detergent, sponge), cleaning professionals have a more efficient method, called injection-extraction. In this process, water and detergent that penetrate quickly and deeply into the fabric are sucked up almost instantly. Thus, the material is cleaned in-depth quickly.

2. Refreshing

Through the modern method used by the cleaning crew, the couch will not only be cleaned entirely, but its colors will be refreshed.

Also, fabrics retain odors for a long time, so the air in your couch can be closed and clogged. After a professional cleaning, it will have a pleasant aroma, subtle and long once all the dirt will be removed. The whole room will be filled with the scent of cleanliness.

3. Fast drying

With the injection-extraction method, the water won't stagnate in the material, since the optimal ventilation and the instantaneous suction of the liquid material. The drying will take only a few hours.


A clean home will always offer a different tone to the people in it, and clean and comfortable sofas ensure relaxation and a  fun atmosphere, perfect for leisure or for debugging memory. So let the furniture cleaning in the hands of cleaning professionals.