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You can easily have an impeccable bathroom

The bathroom should be the cleanest room of your home. Therefore it is vital to seek the services of professional cleaning for a complete cleaning. Here are the issues that professionals put more emphasis when you clean the bathroom:

1. Bath, sink, toilet bowl

Even if the sink and tub seem clean, the cleaning crew will disinfect them by using special cleaning products to remove any bacteria. They also will remove stains and mold formed on the bathroom's curtains and will refresh the leak's smell by pouring strong cleaning solutions. Moreover, the limestone will be removed from any plumbing surface, regaining its brightness.

2. Ceramic tiles

The tiles are divided into several categories, so  the maintenance of such material is diverse, taking into account the sensitivity of the chemical, mechanical strength and water absorption. Tile will be cleaned with detartante and then with glazing solutions for some glow. Moreover, using equipment based on steam pressure and cleaning solutions, even the dirt deposited on joints will be removed by the cleaning crew.

3. Mats

Small carpets/rugs from thin wire, can be cleaned with dry foam, process won't dampen the fabric depth. In 30 minutes you will have a new bath mat. Medium sized carpets/rugs, highly dirt, the injection-extraction method is the most effective since there are used chemicals with high dirt removal.

4. The atmosphere

After cleaning all surfaces in the bathroom, the cleaning crew will give it a pleasant aroma, applying on the sink, tub, toilet bowl and other bath areas one drop of essential oil. And since the winter holidays are approaching, the essential oil of cinnamon, orange and fir fit perfectly with this month's atmosphere.