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The steps you need to follow when you give your property for rent

Since Iasi is a university center and most students, especially foreign ones, prefer to rent instead of buying an apartment, find a host or live in a hostel, the real estate market has a high potential for rental activity. And if you own an apartment where no one lives, you can easily give it for rent.

Hence, young people still want to rent and you can built a small business from your own properties. But what are the steps you should follow?

The renting process may seem simple, but it doesn’t come to only handing out the key to the tenant. If you want to get revenue from the concession of an apartment in exchange for rent, you must, as an owner, to follow certain steps.

1. Apartment preparation (cleaning and repairs)

The best way you can turn an apartment into a possible “home” for tenants is to give it an impeccable appearance. Discover the areas needed to be repaired, check every surface of the house because no one is attracted by an unkempt property appearance.

Of course, there are some foreground areas. First, the bathroom and kitchen should look flawless so future tenants feel comfortable in a hygienic space.

Also, closets, storage areas, doors and windows should be cleaned and repaired to convey to tenant the feeling of new and functional. Remember that the room walls can be refreshed by simply covering the bumps and giving a layer of lime. This will increase your property value.

2. Property advertising

After transforming the apartment into a presentable one, it must be promoted on relevant communication channels of real estate field, where the ad can be viewed by a large group of people. The most effective way to promote it is visual; therefore, take into consideration a photo shoot to snap precisely pictures that show the benefits that it can offer to the tenant.

3. Potential tenants’ visits

Your apartment was viewed by a large number of people and already received requests for visits. In this stage, you need to use your communication and negotiation skills in order to achieve the best choice in terms of suitable tenants.

4. Documents required for rental

At this stage, you need to register the apartment lease at the Regional Public Finances in Iasi. If you call Rent Easy, this step will be made by one of our consultants. All you have to do is to prepare the necessary documents for the apartment lease conceiving and registration, to keep state obligations, as required by law:

  • 3 rental contract forms signed by the landlord and tenant;
  • 2 standard forms according to 220 Declaration in order to justify the estimated revenue from apartment disposal.
  • Identity card, original and copy, of each co-owner;
  • Identity card, original and copy, of each tenant;
  • The apartment’s energetic certificate
  • Stamp (2ron)
  • Envelope

Also, an energetic certificate must necessarily be held by you, as an owner that wishes to give for rent. This act expresses the actual consumption of the apartment that will be given for rent. The tenant may request a copy of this document so he will always have this information available.

So, if you don’t have time and resources to perform these steps, Rent Easy will help you give your property for rent more quickly and without fuss.