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Cleaning for holidays is much more easier

The last month of the year is extremely busy. Finalizing projects for college, gift's rush or the overtime spend at work to complete all outstanding tasks are just some of the reasons that to fail in truly enjoy the Christmas spirit.

You want to spend your holidays in Iasi, in the rented apartment. Or, as the owner of a rented apartment, you want to make tenants a surprise while they are away for holidays, and when they will return, they will find a clean apartment. Either way, if you use professional cleaning services before the holidays or after their completion, you will have certain advantages.

These also include the lack of fatigue and disorder that cleaning holidays involve. Thus, everything shines, the air is fresh and the tenant will enjoy the festive atmosphere. Moreover, for those tempted to keep Christmas or New Year parties in the rented apartment, but fear the cleaning after the event, our cleaning collaborators can solve this problem.

We note that the period around the holidays is busy for most cleaning companies, so we advise you to take a telephone appointment in advance. Generally such cleaning takes 2-4 hours, depending on the area of the apartment and its soil.